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About Us

A.H INDUSTRIES PRECISION MACHINING LTD. was founded in 1985 by Abraham Peer company that has actual administration until 2013, after his retirement, his two sons, Guy and Yariv Peer are managing the company as Co-CEO's. AH Industries specializes in precision machining and manufacturing level assemblies and sub-assemblies (Turn-Key) including engineering design and electrical design from the level design to the level of production and assembly, including procurement.

AH has been implemented in recent years Industries advanced ERP system that ensures the flow of continuous manufacturing processes, controlled and planned while maintaining the flexibility to work processes. Company customers the option Lmmsok PDAs including sending purchase orders and updating, engineering data transmission and receiving status reports Reservation daily.

Mechanical engineering department:

Department under the direction of Yariv who is a mechanical engineer engaged in the design and planning of electrical engineering in the field of antennas particular specialization in the field of RF. In addition, with the production and regulation of the assembly area. The department is equipped with the most advanced computer system that allows engineering product according to customer specification. Engineering department controls all design and drafting software and create models based on customer requirements.

CNC Department:

Ward equipment and the most advanced technology including computerized machining centers and milling cutters to the production capacity of Z_800 X_1500 Y_760 X_1000 A_300 and milling cutters. The department specializes in the manufacture of complex engineering parts from all types of materials and qualified in providing a usable part of the product tag.

Quality Assurance Department:

Quality assurance systems equipped with the most advanced equipment such as XYZ measuring machine and a wide range of measures that mitigate review all operations and customer requirements.

Sales and Marketing Department:

Department under the direction of Guy is responsible for customer relations and company suppliers, identifying prospective customers and managing all sales and marketing aspects of the company.

Some of the Company authorized the provision of serviceable tag. The professional team of the company comprises 25 professionals working in three shifts and provides a solution to any challenge Zemmo reasonable and highly professional while ensuring customer demands complete satisfaction.

The wide range of company activities provides important benefits to our customers who find all possible solutions together and get a finished product that includes final finishing and assembly of assemblies and sub-assemblies and engineering design, without having to run around from several different manufacturers.




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