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Company Quality Policy

Chabad's policy "A.H INDUSTRIES PRECISION MACHINING LTD - precision machining" here to deliver products on time and according to the requirements and expectations of its customers, while maintaining the laws, regulations and standards applicable to the organization and products in order to increase sales and profitability of the company, and to keep and to foster its reputation as a leader in its field.

It aims to bring maximum satisfaction of its customers.
Quality will be facilitated by a joint effort of the ever-lasting managers and employees in:
• Work in accordance with the procedures and work instructions.
• fostering professionalism among employees.
• Working with customers.
• Working with suppliers to improve the availability and quality of materials.
• Setting goals and making a tight control on the quality of attainment.
• continuous training of employees.
• The responsibility of every employee on the quality of his work.
• self-criticism.
• prevention rather than correction.
• monitoring processes.
• continuous improvement.
The Company's management is committed to the development, implementation and continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system and the availability of necessary resources.
Management will establish metrics and measurement objectives will place the relevant processes in the organization, as a basis for continuous improvement.
Quality policy and objectives and targets will be adjusted periodically by a summary of the changing reality as needed.
To implement this policy, Socio-A.H INDUSTRIES PRECISION MACHINING LTD. - accurately machining management representative appointed who will be responsible for the establishment, implementation, application and development of the Quality Management System.



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